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Uncover Actionable Data with Elasticsearch

LogRhythm 7 features multiple major architectural improvements, including the separation of our data processing and indexing tiers and the introduction of Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch gives you actionable insights by enabling powerful full-text unstructured search capabilities. This highly intuitive search experience provides you with the power and precision to get to the data you need—fast.

Why We Chose Elasticsearch for Our Indexing Tier

We had several high-level requirements in considering this update to our data processing and indexing tier. These considerations included:

  • Massive scalability and built-in reliability
  • Enabling both structured and unstructured search
  • Streamlining data maintenance
  • Enhanced interoperability

Watch the below video to learn more about how Elasticsearch meets these criteria and sets the stage for even faster innovation at LogRhythm.

Click below to watch a video on “Why Elasticsearch?”

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