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Microsoft Office Building

A Guide to Detecting Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Exploits

TL;DR First and foremost, apply patches to the Exchange infrastructure. Assume compromise. It’s been reported that the attackers launched a massive compromise attack against 60,000+ Exchange Servers before patches became available, and many other attackers are actively looking for exploited…

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Employee Centralizing Process Creation Events with a SIEM

Centralizing Process Creation Events with a SIEM

How Process Creation Events Can Be Centralized for Ease of Analysis Process creation events are written to the Windows Event Log on the local endpoint where they are generated. This raises an obvious issue for defenders looking to proactively review these…

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LogRhythm SIEM Solution

What is SIEM? And How Does it Work?

What is SIEM? SIEM stands for security, information, and event management. SIEM technology aggregates log data, security alerts, and events into a centralized platform to provide real-time analysis for security monitoring. Security operation centers (SOCs) invest in SIEM software to…

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Computer hardware: Zero Trust tips for devices

Zero Trust Framework: A Guide to Implementation

Implementing a Zero Trust framework across an organization requires leading with a “never trust and always verify” mindset to secure your data and resources. Over the years, organizations have increasingly implemented Zero Trust frameworks into their environment because technological advancements…

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