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What is ZeroLogon? How to Detect and Patch

TL/DR What is ZeroLogon? In Layman’s Terms ZeroLogon is the name for a Microsoft cryptography vulnerability found in CVE-2020-1472 that makes it easy for cybercriminals to hack into your system by impersonating any computer. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency has…

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Cybersecurity Infographic: Succeeding as a CISO in 2020

CISOs are under tremendous pressure to deliver — our cybersecurity infographic will help security leaders stay informed on the latest industry trends and statistics in order to find success in 2020 and beyond. Don’t miss these key insights! Cybersecurity Infographic…

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7 Common CISO Pain Points and How to Overcome Them

Working in cybersecurity has its clear benefits: bringing value to a vital industry, competitive pay, and a thriving job market. With any career, however, there will always be pain points and some aspects that are less exciting than others. As someone…

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