Automate Amazon S3 Provisioning for Healthcare Compliance with SOAR

Cloud storage instances like Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon S3, have made it easier than ever before for healthcare professionals to access and share valuable patient data. While these advancements have improved customer care across providers, configuring access policies, provisioning buckets, and adhering to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security controls across cloud instances is difficult for security teams. There are many examples of companies that have been breached because of S3 buckets that were left unprotected.

To avoid a similar fate and prevent unauthorized access, security teams can use a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution. SOAR solutions can help teams correctly set up and manage policies, permissions, and groups with access to S3 buckets.

SOAR for Better Provisioning

Having systems to check that S3 buckets are properly provisioned after they are created and ongoing monitoring helps security teams stay compliant and keep patient records safe. But in a hospital setting where massive amounts of data are processed every day, security teams will benefit by automating some of the manual tasks that configuring access controls for S3 buckets requires. SOAR solutions can help teams check and update access provisions and quickly remediate policy violations detected in your cloud environments.

The Case Playbooks and SmartResponse™ Automation options below are just a few examples of how LogRhythm’s SOAR solution, LogRhythm RespondX, can help security teams save time, get a handle on compliance requirements, and prevent access violations:

  • Playbook for new S3 bucket: Define security rules to automatically detect when a new S3 bucket or VM instance is created in a cloud environment. If detected, a step-by-step workflow will kick off for every policy and provision that needs to be checked and set up for the new file share. This can include verifying what type of data will be stored in the bucket and set the right level of access permissions for the correct roles and groups.
  • SmartResponse™ Automation for S3: With automation, teams can perform quick context pulls to bring back critical information about a new or existing bucket. Teams can use this data to verify that the correct provisions are in place or they can update parameters without ever logging into the AWS system.
  • Playbook for HIPAA compliance: Immediately configure access policies according to the latest requirements for an organizations compliance regulation without referencing external resources. Having a set of integrated instructions reduces errors and helps manage policy updates across teams.
  • SmartResponse for access management with Active Directory (AD): Check and modify user and group access controls in AD automatically while provisioning new resources or investigating potential access policy violations. Also, instantly suspend user accounts after an alarm about suspicious activity triggers and stop policy violations before they occur.

Standardized workflows and automation can help your team stay on top of securing records according to compliance requirements without all the overhead. Learn more about LogRhythm RespondX here or visit the LogRhythm Community to access SmartResponse Automations and Playbooks in the Shareables section.