Software AG targeted by double extortion ransomware attack, LogRhythm commentsSoftware AG targeted by double extortion ransomware attack, LogRhythm comments

Software AG Targeted By Double Extortion Ransomware Attack, LogRhythm Comments

“Double extortion ransomware attacks, such as this incident with Software AG, are extremely concerning as they serve the dual purpose of making ransomware more damaging for victims and more lucrative for criminals,” Andrew Hollister, head of LogRythm labs, comments.

Softening the impact of ransomware attacks

Softening the Impact of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have long been a top cybersecurity concern for organizations in every sector, not just public education. James Carder, CSO at LogRhythm, recommended six steps that organizations at all levels of government can take to harden their IT systems.

Remote learning invites UK university cyberattack, LogRhythm comments

Remote Learning Invites UK University Cyberattack, LogRhythm Comments

“As we continue to normalise remote learning, cybercriminals are simultaneously finetuning their tactics to launch timely, sophisticated ransomware, phishing and social engineering attacks,” Andrew Hollister, head of LogRhythm labs, comments. “The severe and far-reaching impact of May’s Blackbaud ransomware attack is…