Threat Detection

Person on lap top hunting for threats

Improving Threat Detection Using LogRhythm SmartResponse with Lists to Monitor IOCs

As a security professional, you know all too well the need to continually improve your threat detection techniques and skill set. With today’s expanding attack surface and hackers becoming more sophisticated in their infiltration methods, building a stronger defense is…

Three Steps to Translate Threat Reports into Actionable Items Using MITRE ATT&CK®

Threat Hunting Framework: Three Steps to Translate Threat Reports into Actionable Steps

Thanks to Sally Vincent and Dan Kaiser from the LogRhythm Labs team for developing the process and guiding content described in this post. Threat research can be an invaluable asset to security teams when attempting to formulate a proactive stance…

5 Cybersecurity and Threat Trends CISOs Must Watch

No matter the perimeter, IT hygiene remains imperative, said James Carder, CSO at LogRhythm. If businesses were previously bad at configurations, locking systems down, managing privileges and protecting sensitive data, they’ve pushed everything to the cloud and made it internet-accessible.