How Far Cyber Criminals Will Go to Get Your PII

Everyone who works in security deals with phishing emails to some extent—some more than others. In fact, most of us in the security industry see so many phishing attacks on a daily basis that they are not all that interesting anymore. However, every once in awhile, a scammer will actually take the time to prepare and deploy more believable campaigns and target personally identifiable information (PII) in a more persistent way.

Do You Know Your Network?

Knowing what or who is on your network at work and at home is all too important. See how I detected unauthorised application communication via Network Monitor Freemium.

Five Steps to Defend Against Ransomware

Understanding what happens at each phase of a ransomware attack, and knowing the IOCs to look for, increases the likelihood of being able to successfully defend against—or at least mitigate the effects of—an attack.

How to Detect and Respond to Ransomware: A Video Use Case

Imagine you're going about your day, and then you see it—an alarm in the LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform that ransomware has been detected by the AI Engine. But how? And what has been detected? Watch the video demo to learn how you can automate incident response for ransomware threats.

The Analyst Perspective on SIEM and Security Analytics

Gartner is wrapping up their annual Security & Risk Management Summit just outside of Washington D.C. today. It's been a week of resonance, validation and insight. As for Gartner's perspective, LogRhythm was recently ranked the no. 1 vendor in all three Critical Capabilities for Security and Information and Event Management (SIEM) Report (Threat Management, Compliance and SIEM).