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Phishing hooks grabbing user information

Prepare Your Team to Identify New Phishing Attack Techniques

Phishing attacks began decades ago as simple spam, designed to trick recipients into visiting sites and becoming customers, and has since morphed into a worldwide criminal industry. Centered on social engineering — manipulation through deception — phishing has become not…

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Security operation center (SOC) team working in the office

What SOC Automation Tools Can Do for Your Team

Your analysts are efficient. They are creative problem solvers who prefer to spend their time putting those inventive skills to use rather than expending energy on mundane tasks. For example, logging into an active directory and unlocking a user account…

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RhythmWorld 2020

5 Reasons To Attend RhythmWorld 2020

LogRhythm’s RhythmWorld Security Conference starts next Tuesday the 22nd, and I couldn’t be more proud of the event plans thus far. Although the pandemic has led us to an all-virtual event this year, it enabled the team to get creative…

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