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Screenshot from LogRhythm's Self-Paced Training course. Meet Raheema Morris, Senior Analyst in a training scenario waiting to walk you through a "day in the life."

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Training as E-Learning

We know that security teams need to focus on confidently and efficiently defending against cyberattacks. While Analyst training is crucial to building a high-performing security team, finding the time to attend hours of training is easier said than done. To…

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7 Steps to Building A Security Operations Center (SOC)

Most Organizations are Not Equipped to Staff a 24X7 SOC Unfortunately, cyberattacks such as WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya are increasingly becoming the norm. Keeping up with the growing rate of cybersecurity threats may seem impossible when your business is lacking in-house…

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Boost Your Threat Hunting with 12 Weeks of Security Spotlights

Boost Your Threat Hunting with 12 Weeks of Security Spotlights

Chief security information officers (CISOs) are on the frontline when it comes to arming their security team against the ever-evolving threat landscape. As part of our commitment to empower security teams to navigate new and emerging cyberthreats, we are delivering…

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