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Security analysts using SIEM software

What is SIEM? And How Does it Work?

What is SIEM? SIEM stands for security, information, and event management. SIEM tools aggregate log data, security alerts, and events into a centralized platform to provide real-time analysis for security monitoring. Security operation centers (SOCs) invest in SIEM software to…

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Detecting a Phishing Email: 10 Things to Watch

As security professionals, we remain vigilant in identifying phishing attempts and actively seek information on defending against ransomware and phishing attacks. These topics hold paramount importance within the security community. It is well-known that phishing emails frequently serve as the…

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Artificial Intelligence – A Danger to Patient Privacy?

Industries worldwide have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into their systems as it promotes efficiency, increases productivity, and quickens decision-making. ChatGPT certainly raised eyebrows as it demonstrated similar characteristics at the start of its debut back in November 2022.  The healthcare sector…

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