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Lights, Case, Action!

LogRhythm released Case Management in its most recent update, and while I could wax lyrical about the merits of why you should be using this feature, I won’t. Instead, I’ll show you a brief video demonstration of the new feature…

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Detecting Lateral Movement From ‘Pass the Hash’ Attacks

Pass-the-hash attacks exploiting Windows operating systems aren’t anything new, in fact they’ve been around for donkey’s years; however, despite the exploit being nearly two decades old, still not much is known about the attack vector. So, in this post, I’ll…

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Sharing Threat Intelligence

After the breach of Sony Pictures by North Korea, legislative attention has come back to cybersecurity. Its primary goal has been the sharing of threat information, allowing private companies to integrate their ‘indicators’ — pieces of information that have been…

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War Game Cyber Attacks

Last week Barack Obama and David Cameron announced that the US and UK would implement a rolling program of “war game” cyber attacks on each other, which will be conducted by the FBI, GCHQ and MI5. Targeting critical national infrastructure,…

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