Threat Intelligence Platforms and LogRhythm

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Security operation center (SOC) team working in the office

What SOC Automation Tools Can Do for Your Team

Your analysts are efficient. They are creative problem solvers who prefer to spend their time putting those inventive skills to use rather than expending energy on mundane tasks. For example, logging into an active directory and unlocking a user account…

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LogRhythm SmartResponse Automation to Qualify and Triage Alarms

Rapidly Qualify and Triage Alarms with Contextual SmartResponse Automation

Alarms don’t fire when it’s convenient. You could be threat hunting, out to lunch, or even in bed at 4 a.m. when an alarm comes your way. No matter where you are, you’ll need to quickly determine the severity of…

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Investigate a threat quicker with automation

Notifying and Collaborating with LogRhythm SmartResponse Automation

When a threat emerges in your environment, you need to investigate it as soon as possible to keep it from incurring damage. For that to happen, you need to be notified that it exists in the first place. A typical…

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LogRhythm Echo Logo

Introducing LogRhythm Echo

LogRhythm Echo is now available. LogRhythm Echo is a standalone app that simulates incident scenarios for demonstration purposes, allowing you to test security rules, verify embedded content, and perform red team preparedness exercises. Regardless of the size of your team,…

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Driving Innovation in LogRhythm R&D Hackathons

Twice a year, the LogRhythm Research and Development team hosts an internal hackathon to give our engineers an opportunity to work together, share innovative projects, and get awarded for their ideas. During this event, engineers have a few days to…

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R&D Considerations for Developing a Big Data Product

Big data — it’s all the rage in the technology industry right now, and for good reason. Data holds information that, if analyzed properly, reveal invaluable insights that you can use for just about anything — from streamlining internal processes…

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Troubleshooting Delayed Syslog Messages

Anytime our team has been involved in a system migration, there has always been someone who claimed the new system was slower than the old one. In a recent case, the team had just completed the migration of a computing…

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Creating and Managing Playbooks with LogRhythm APIs

New to LogRhythm 7.4: Playbooks Feature Set Standard procedures have been a cornerstone of security best practice since their invention. You may call them runbooks, standing procedures, checklists, or playbooks. Either way, you likely have one or more collections of…

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Outbound IRC alarm fires

Automate Common Threat Hunting and Response Actions with SmartResponse

When your team detects a threat, rapid qualification and response can mean the difference between quick containment and a breach of critical data. Relying solely on manual processes puts your organization at risk. To reduce response time, you should automate…

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Recognize Indicators of Compromise with Complete Endpoint Visibility

As attacks increase in breadth, scope, and complexity, one of the most common vectors that remains is the endpoint. With up to thousands of endpoints to safeguard, it’s imperative to have solutions that seamlessly integrate to provide complete visibility into…

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LogRhythm Centralized Metrics’ main dashboards are customizable and visualize data in one user interface

Measure and Optimize SOC Performance with New LogRhythm Tools

When faced with a bombardment of threats and a severe resource shortage, the best way to keep your organization ahead of a damaging attack is to make the most of what you have. You need your team and tools to…

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