NotPetya Technical Analysis

Although initially labeled as ransomware due to the ransom message that is displayed after infection, it appears now that NotPetya functions more as a destructive wiper-like tool than actual ransomware. This post reviews an in-depth technical analysis of NotPetya, including recommended security measures.

Deploying NetMon Freemium at Home to Monitor IoT Devices

It is now extremely pertinent to be vigilant about the embedded systems used throughout your home. With NetMon Freemium, you can download and run this software on a micro-PC. This means you can fully monitor your home network IoT devices quickly and easily, for little to no cost.

Detecting Petya/NotPetya Ransomware

On the morning of June 27, 2017, Petya, a new ransomware outbreak—similar to the recent WannaCry malware—was discovered in the Ukraine. The malware quickly spread across Europe. This post discusses the TTPs of Petya / NotPetya and how to detect it using LogRhythm AI Engine rules.

Winner! Winner! Black Hat Dinner!

We're pleased to announce we have a winner for our "Win a Trip to Black Hat" contest. Thank you to everyone who entered. Over 200 of you passed the test! See who won and learn how you can still enter for a chance to win big cash prizes.