Passive Discovery and Exploitation of Open SMB Shares

Server Message Block (SMB) shares are a critical component to most organizations—allowing for a central repository of files and other items that people need to access and share to do their jobs. As a security professional, it is critical that you identify these vulnerabilities within your environment and lock them down.

User Threat Detection—There’s a Module for That

End-user behavior can be difficult to baseline and monitor. Where traditional analytics and perimeter defenses fall short, LogRhythm’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities add an additional layer of security enabling the rapid detection of dangerous user activity.

Detecting the BlackNurse DDoS Attack with Network Monitor

The security operations centre (SOC) at Danish telecoms operator TDC recently published a report with regards to an ICMP based DoS/DDoS style of attack. In the spirit of proactive defence, I thought it was a good idea to see how this type of attack would look within [LogRhythm Network Monitor Freemium.

Detecting Home Network Issues with Network Monitor

Analyzing home network traffic can be highly valuable as you can find previously unknown issues smoothly and efficiently by using Network Monitor. In addition to security issues, you can also track usage statistics and determine what (or who) is utilizing the most bandwidth on your home network.