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Doctor working on digital tablet on hospital background

LogRhythm Joins NCCoE’s Technology Collaborators to Help Secure Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem

It is with great excitement that I share LogRhythm’s involvement in the newest healthcare project from the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) — Securing Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem. The project aims to provide a reference architecture that will…

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Limited-Time Promotion Allows Security Leaders to Trial LogRhythm Cloud to Gain Remote Workforce Visibility

Month-to-Month Subscription Provides Flexible Option to Monitor Cloud Data Produced by Remote Applications BOULDER, Colorado — May 15, 2020 – LogRhythm, the company powering today’s security operations centers (SOCs), today announced its Remote Workforce Visibility offer to help organizations achieve…

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LogRhythm Debuts Remote Workforce Offering to Help CISOs Quickly Gain Greater Visibility

Contributors to this blog include Andrew Hollister and James Carder.  As security and IT teams are dealing with the complications of maintaining security and operations of the business during the stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus and are now managing…

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LogRhythm NetMon User Interfae

Streamline Your Day with the All-New NetMon 4

Here at LogRhythm, we strive to keep improving the security analyst experience. Our latest workflow improvements have arrived with LogRhythm NetMon 4, in which we’ve made it easier and faster to surface threats and investigate issues on your network. We also thought…

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LogRhythm XDR Stack Product UI

The Case for XDR

At LogRhythm, we recently revamped how we sell and license our platform’s portfolio of products. We did so to achieve a number of objectives. Our primary objectives were to make it easier for customers to transact with LogRhythm, to ensure…

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Threat Hunting with LogRhythm's Free Network Monitoring Tool

Five Steps to Threat Hunting with LogRhythm’s Free Network Security Monitoring Tool

Jim Lee is an information security analyst and guest blogger from Seismic Software Inc. He is an ambassador of cybersecurity education and empowerment for small businesses. Jim configures easy-to-use tools to develop intuitive solutions for small business cybersecurity programs. His…

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LogRhythm's True Unlimited Data Plan

LogRhythm Brings Greater Choice to SIEM Pricing

For years, consumption-based pricing has dominated the security information and event management (SIEM) market. Whether organizations paid a fixed amount based on message per second, event per second, or gigabyte per day, that model was the go-to standard. However, as…

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LogRhythm releases the first unlimited data plan for SIEM

The Only Unlimited SIEM Data Plan in Town

Recently, you’ve heard a lot about unlimited data plans for security information and event management (SIEM) products in the information security (InfoSec) space. However, the word “unlimited” appears not to have an agreed upon definition across vendors. In fact, other…

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LogRhythm True Unlimited Data Plan for SIEM

What Data Sources Would You Add to Your SIEM if Cost Wasn’t an Issue?

If your organization is dealing with digital transformation and modernizing your IT infrastructure, you’re likely also seeing data volumes in your environment grow rapidly. As your data grows, you need to find a security information and event management (SIEM) solution…

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Cloud SIEM

The Top Five Benefits of Cloud SIEM, According to Security Experts

Gartner predicts that “By 2023, 80% of SIEM solutions will have capabilities that are only delivered via the cloud (for example, log storage, analytics, incident management), up from 20% currently.” As SIEM solutions start to offer their products via the…

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LogRhythm Echo Logo

Introducing LogRhythm Echo

LogRhythm Echo is now available. LogRhythm Echo is a standalone app that simulates incident scenarios for demonstration purposes, allowing you to test security rules, verify embedded content, and perform red team preparedness exercises. Regardless of the size of your team,…

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LogRhythm Desktop Dashboard

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform Moves to the Cloud

Principle Development Objectives for LogRhythm Cloud Building our award-winning NextGen SIEM Platform as a SaaS offering has been in the works for some time. When we initiated the project, our principle objective was quite simple: to deliver the most complete…

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Selecting the Best Data Storage Solution for Your Organization

Security is powered by data, including many machine-generated log sources — from IT infrastructure to cloud applications, personal laptops to Point of Sale endpoints, and internet of things (IoT) devices. While you can’t investigate threats without it, it is often…

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Leading from Every Angle: NextGen SIEM Leadership in 2019

I remember the first time LogRhythm was awarded Best SIEM by SC Media — formerly SC Magazine. It was 2009, Lady Gaga was winning Grammy awards, the global economy was at rock bottom, and LogRhythm had begun our climb to…

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Compromise: Abnormal Process Activity” from the UEBA module

Aligning the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Contributors to this blog include Dan Kaiser and Brian Coulson. The MITRE ATT&CK framework is quickly becoming a focal point in the security world — and for good reason. This framework provides a consistent, industry-wide standard on which you can…

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An AWS Activity Monitoring dashboard

Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with LogRhythm: Data Collection

In the past few years, we’ve seen a massive uptick of interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure from Logrhythm customers. Just a few years ago, organizations viewed cloud as an interesting proposition for a few use cases. Today, we see many…

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LogRhythm’s Road to Scalable Cloud Analytics

As a security company, our first priority is sharing relevant tools and content to make sure organizations can detect and respond to threats faster and more efficiently. To make this happen, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes;…

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How LogRhythm 7.4 Drives Customer Success

Accelerating your return on investment (ROI) is critical to drive customer success at LogRhythm. But increasing ROI is only part of our secret sauce. Here at LogRhythm, we enable you to realize greater security operations workflow efficiency and increasingly advanced analytics with each release. To…

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